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The Tertiary Progress Report was created to track the educational journey of our tertiary students whilst they are studying at university. We would like to know how our students are doing overall whether this be academically or personally, and it also enables the MADALAH team to identify where additional support is required and/or needed for our scholars. In addition to the above we would like to know about the achievements, leadership activities and/or other amazing opportunities our students have accomplished throughout the semester. All tertiary scholars are also required to acquit their scholarship funds in line with their Grant Agreement and MADALAH’s contractual obligations. Please note this form is only to be completed if you are a current Tertiary Scholarship holder.

Privacy Statement: This form was developed by MADALAH Limited (MADALAH). The information in this form will only be used by MADALAH or MADALAH’s corporate/federal funding bodies. All information will be managed confidentially and securely by all parties. MADALAH relies on its corporate and federal funding bodies to deliver the scholarship program. As such your information will only be shared with the appropriate partners as required.

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Please note it is mandatory to use Expensify to track your expenses. This will automatically total all of your receipts and provides an itemised report that you can forward to us along with this progress report (please upload this to the documentation section below).


Are you receiving any other income – grants, cadetship, other scholarships or ABSTUDY? Please declare and provide the amount you are receiving.



File Upload Considerations

Upload files in PDF, word or other text based documents where possible. If you need to upload photos of documents, try to reduce the files size before sending.

Uploading may take awhile depending on your internet connection. Please be patient when uploading large documents, if you do have issues uploading your files please use the help button to let us know.

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Acknowledgement of Country

MADALAH acknowledges and pays tribute to the Whadjuk Noongar, the Traditional Custodians of the Lands on which we work, and we pay our respects to their Elders – past, present and emerging. This acknowledgement extends to the First Peoples’ land across the state of Western Australia which is home to the many students that we support.

MADALAH recognises and values the continuity of cultural, educational and spiritual practices of First Peoples.

We wish to advise our First Peoples that this site may contain the names, images or audio-visual recordings of people who have passed.