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Renee Wooton

Renee Wooton is a proud Tharawal woman from her grandmother’s family that originate from the Shoalhaven Wollongong area on the South Coast of NSW. She laughs about her red hair which she inherited from the English side of her family.

Renee was awarded a MADALAH tertiary scholarship in 2011, when she just made the move to Sydney and was dealing with the impact of leaving her family for the first time. Renee pushed through the challenging times and graduated from the University of New South Wales with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

“The scholarship program provided me with a community and networks both at university and in industry, which was so important in being able to learn and share the struggles, the achievements and the day to day life of a university student. MADALAH also provided me with much needed financial support, which enabled me to purchase a laptop, textbooks, stationary and the necessities in ensuring I was equipped to not only attend class prepared, but have the tools to ensure I was set up for success in my studies”.

Renee is a graduate of the Qantas Graduate Program, a 2 year program based at the Qantas Headquarters in Sydney. In 2018, she started her post graduate studies in obtaining a pilots licence as a member of the Qantas Future Pilot Program.

In 2018, Renee attended the MADALAH Ball as a guest speaker where she shared her thanks for MADALAH’’s support and her passion for aviation. “Having the opportunity to study aviation, gave me the motivation and dedication I needed to keep moving forward and achieving more”.

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