MADALAH YEP Graduation Summary

MADALAH YEP Graduation Summary

25 June 2023

On Sunday, 25th June, MADALAH in partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation hosted the final wrap up and official closing ceremony for the Youth Empowerment Program! Participants, staff, and family members attended the whole day event, and we again would like to thank each individual for attending.

The day consisted of two separate activities, first half was the Zip+Climb on Perth’s very own Matagarup Bridge. The cohort were broken into two groups for the activity. First up, there was a tutorial and short clip of the bridge safety features, and where we all had to gear up accordingly.

Once all geared up and ready to go, the groups then began their journey to climb Matagarup Bridge and then zipline to the end! This was an amazing reward for our participants and even MADALAH staff members Charlie, Casey, and Tiarna, plus Mitsubishi Corporation’s representative Alana who all geared up and joined in on the fun! Believe it or not, the students were comforting Tiarna more than themselves, and that was a great example of leadership skills being practiced and displayed. We are so proud of all the students’ efforts overcoming their fear and nerves. It was an amazing first half of the day and we are so glad that our students enjoyed this once in a lifetime opportunity! Special thanks to the wonderful Matagarup Zip+Climb staff for all their help and assistance.

We then took a short walk to Trinity College for the second half of the day. This is where we hosted our MADALAH YEP football match which took place at Trinity Oval, followed with a BBQ to finish the afternoon. Teams were created using the same groups from the Bridge Zip+Climb. The teams were Freo Dockers vs Swannies! A huge thank you to SEDA College, Cockburn ARC, Swan Districts and Fremantle Football club for supplying MADALAH with the two guernseys!

Upon bounce-down our teams got straight into the game, we used the method of “half-field” to play our match, meaning that before a team aims for a goal they are required to take the ball ‘halfway’ and then they can score (like half-court basketball). The atmosphere was not only competitive but fun. Students participated not only on the field but completed support roles such as goal umpiring, boundary umpiring and scoring. The match went over 4 quarters and from there we had a feed and yarn.

To officially end the proceedings of the day, we awarded each participant with their Youth Empowerment Certificate and additional awards for Individual Growth, Leadership and of course Football Awards.

We hope our students enjoyed the day and we would also like to thank the families, MADALAH staff and our special guests for attending! MADALAH would like to thank each Youth Empowerment Participant for attending this very special program and hope this has assisted them in building confidence, personal growth, and leadership skills, becoming our future leaders. We are so proud of all of you!

Special thanks to our wonderful partner Mitsubishi Corporation for funding the YEP program, attending key events and supporting our student’s leadership journey!

Acknowledgement of Country

MADALAH acknowledges and pays tribute to the Whadjuk Noongar, the Traditional Custodians of the Lands on which we work, and we pay our respects to their Elders – past, present and emerging. This acknowledgement extends to the First Peoples’ land across the state of Western Australia which is home to the many students that we support.

MADALAH recognises and values the continuity of cultural, educational and spiritual practices of First Peoples.

We wish to advise our First Peoples that this site may contain the names, images or audio-visual recordings of people who have passed.