MADALAH Youth Empowerment Program Summary 2023

MADALAH Youth Empowerment Program Summary 2023

23 June 2023

MADALAH’s 10-week Youth Empowerment Program was designed to cater for our Senior male students (Moorditj Maamans), and senior female students (Boordiya Yorga’s), to enhance and enrich their current skills and gain more of a solid lead on how to influence and inspire our People.

We thank Mitsubishi Corporation for giving our students the opportunity to participate in this program!

The program commenced with a Welcome to Country by Dr Richard Walley, inviting both groups and their families to network and build connections with Elders, staff and external providers.

At MADALAH we have a solid aim and goal for our participants, which is to provide them with the foundation and support to voice and practice their thoughts; we also included and reinforced the importance of well-being, self-care, and support over the 10 weeks. This program was designed to either kick-start a students’ leadership journey, boost their current journey, or for the students to experience leadership and empowerment for the first time; we are confident they will all become leaders within themselves and out in the community.

Over the 10-week course, participants were inspired, challenged to think outside-of-the-box, and influenced to contribute change and breaking cycles that have been embedded over generations. We invited facilitators to assist with providing the tools of change, inspiration and courage, as we hope a positive change is then spilled into our student’s peer circle, family and even communities through the power of storytelling, yarning and reflection on true events.

We were fortunate enough to have many external guest speakers presenting over the course of the weekly program running workshops for our students on various age-appropriate topics. The Moorditj Yorga’s weekly sessions were run by inspiring female role models, and included:

– We are Woman Prospectus, facilitated by WE ARE WOMXN

– Self-care, healthy relationships, and boundaries, facilitated by MADALAH

– Life coach session, facilitated by Joan Dellavalle, Founder/CEO of Ebony + Ivory hair salon

– A cultural weave workshop, facilitated by Nadine Foley, Founder of Cultural Weave

– Walking in two worlds, facilitated by Rickeeta Walley

– Career pathways, facilitated by members of the aviation force at Inpex

– Beauty is power makeup workshop, facilitated by Sissii Cosmetics.


Moorditj Maarmans had the privilege of hearing from many inspiring and influential male role models, and included:

– Cultual art workshop with local Artist (Kambarni) Kamsani Bin Salleh

– Mental health workshop including unrealistic expectations of young men, positive relationships and mental health awareness, facilitated by Man Up!

– Mindfulness workshop, facilitated by Karen Hadden

– Cultural workshop, facilitated by Dylan Shillito and Jayden Boundry

– West Coast Eagles sport session, facilitated by Sam Petrevski-Seton

– Motivational speakers and pathways, facilitated by MADALAH Ambassador Yulu McGrady.


At the half way mark of the program, the Mooditj Maarmans and Boordiya Yorgas joined together as one, to celebrate, and to reflect, acknowledge and celebrate our 2023 NAIDOC theme “For our Elders”. It was great to see our participants all in one space again! We had our wonderful Aunty Robyn Collard, give a beautiful and powerful Welcome to Country. After the Welcome, Tiarna the head Program Coordinator for the girls shared her perspective on the NAIDOC Theme, and how important it is to cherish and respect our elders. Tiarna then invited two of our YEP. participants to talk about the Moorditj Marmans and Boordiya Yorgas programs respectively. Next, we had a lovely presentation that gave a solid recap through photos and videos. Throughout the presentation there were many laughs shared, which made the atmosphere so comfortable for all! This was also a great opportunity to give families an insight into what has been happening.

From there, Rhys and Tiarna shared what the next 3 weeks’ content will look like, and what’s to come. The room was filled with laughter during a short clip created, directed, and filmed by MADALAH staff to showcase the upcoming Matagarup Bridge Zip+Climb activity which will be part of the YEP Graduation Celebration and Ceremony on the 25th June. The evening concluded with a Sausage sizzle dinner for students and families, which gave them a chance to mingle and further reflect on what has been a successful program so far.

A huge thank you again to our participants for dedicating their time and efforts, and a further thanks to families, for taking the time to join us!

Acknowledgement of Country

MADALAH acknowledges and pays tribute to the Whadjuk Noongar, the Traditional Custodians of the Lands on which we work, and we pay our respects to their Elders – past, present and emerging. This acknowledgement extends to the First Peoples’ land across the state of Western Australia which is home to the many students that we support.

MADALAH recognises and values the continuity of cultural, educational and spiritual practices of First Peoples.

We wish to advise our First Peoples that this site may contain the names, images or audio-visual recordings of people who have passed.